MG Consulting

Discover more about our history, principles and strategy

Company history

What we do and our
journey so far.

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Mission, vision & values

The core principles on which
our methodology relies.

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Policy and strategy

MG Consulting's policy and strategy
for professional training.

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Training is the driving
force behind development.


All the courses are certified by DGERT

Training of teachers and trainers

Educate teachers and trainers emphasising their motivation, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

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Personal development

Improve skills related to leadership, communication, team management, and conflict prevention.

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Security and hygiene in the workplace

Identify the fundamental concepts related to work security, as well as the main causes and consequences of work accidents.

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Protection of people and goods

Security against fire risks, accident management, work psychosociology, and operational training.

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Improve marketing and communication skills, as well as time and administrative management.

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Secretariat and administrative work

Improve communication, management, and organizational behavior.

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Provide first aid and basic health care, as well as hygiene care and comfort.

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